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This alloy demonstrates the advantages of aluminium as a material to perfection. These are evident in the shape of a massive weight advantage, strengths that are comparable with those of steel and excellent processing characteristics, all of which make a wealth of innovations possible. This material is vital to Maximum stress relief Excellent machinability

Excellent dimensional stability All plates are foiled on both sides to protect the precision-milled surfaces. Alloy EW AW-5083 Thickness >= 5 mm to 210 mm Format small, medium, large, superformat Range of use Mechanical engineering, tool manufacturing, precision engineering the realisation of high-tech products for the aerospace, automotive and  sports equipment industry



Widths up to 2020 mm (depends on gauge)

Alloy Temper Thickness  [mm]
EN AW-2017A
T4 ≥ 0.4 up to ≤ 5.0
T451 6.0 up to   ≤ 152.4

EN AW-2024
[Al Cu4Mg1]

T3 ≥ 0.4 up to  ≤ 5.0
T351 ≥ 6.0 up to  ≤ 101.6

EN AW-7020
[Al Zn4,5Mg1]

T4 ≥ 0.4 up to  ≤ 5.0
T451 ≥ 6.0 up to  ≤ 100.0

EN AW-7075
[Al Zn5,5MgCu]

T6 ≥ 0.4 up to  ≤ 5.0
T651 6.0  up to  ≤ 152.4

Other alloys, sizes, tempers on request