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AMAG has developed anodising and lacquering qualities for the manufacture of nameplates, emblems and badges.


Exact tuning to the manufacturing and surface treatment processes carried out by customers, ensures optimum suitability for the desired end application. 


Depending on the end use, specific material specifications are available:



  • Anodising quality 124: AMAG supplies this quality version with bright, bright mill and satin finishes, which have been developed for applications requiring minimal surface treatment by the customer (degreasing or light etching).

  • Anodising quality 125: This quality is available with a satin finish and is employed for applications involving intensive surface treatment by the customer.

Please contact us for more informations.

Anodising quality Alloy EN AA Finish Temper Thickness
Width max.
124 AlMg1 AW-5005A 5005 satin finish
bright/mill finish
H18 0.4 - 2.5


Al99,5 AW-1050A 1050

bright mill/mill finish
satin finish
bright/mill finish

Al99,85Mg1 AW-5657 5657

satin finish
bright/mill finish

125 Al99,5 AW-1050A 1050 satin finish H18/H24 0.4 - 3.0
AlMg1 AW-5005A 5005 satin finish H18/H24

Other materials/tempers/dimensions on request

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