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Industrial Heat Exchanger / Airconditioner

Heat exchanger manufacturers are not left alone with their requests for ongoing process optimization. Together with its customers, AMAG makes intensive efforts to find well-designed solutions. Extensive material characterization equipment and tools for simulation and modelling provide a basis for the development of both products and additional expertise. 


AMAG R&D is also focused on the ongoing improvement of production processes with regard to quality, process consistency and cost-efficiency. Highly qualified staff and modern laboratories facilitate the acquisition of know-how in the brazing field, while the equipment available in the laboratories allows the use of differing chemical analysis techniques and various optical, scanning and X-ray analyses. 


Upon customer request, analyses and material examinations can also be completed. On the basis of expertise relating to the demands of the brazing process, specific assignments can be dealt with and the appropriate solutions implemented. For example, these can include metallographic and corrosion testing, as well as surface analyses.


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AMAG TopClad®

Typically, non heat-treatable Al-Mn based alloys of the 3xxx series are used for the core material of aluminium brazing compounds.

AMAG TopClad® LL

LL (LongLife)

In order to meet the demands for higher strength and improved corrosion resistance, AMAG developed modified 3xxx materials which are well known as LongLife alloys. Special chemistries and thermo-mechanical processing serve to improve the corrosion resistance levels offered by conventional 3xxx alloys.

AMAG TopClad® HS

HS (High Strength)


Higher mechanical strength after brazing can be obtained by the heat treatable 6xxx alloys as the EN AW-6063 (AlMgSi) or the EN AW-6951 (AlMgSiCu) by means of solid solution and precipitation hardening. During brazing, Mg2Si particles are dissolved and the elements are kept in a solid solution by means of rapid cooling.


UHS (Ultra High Strength)


AMAG´s speciality in the field of heat exchanger materials is the adapted EN AW-7020 alloy to which a further barrier layer has to be applied in order to prevent diffusion phenomena.


AMAG TopClad® UHS 7020 achieves an Rp0.2 yield strength of 65 MPa, which after brazing can rise to over 140 MPa due to room temperature ageing. AMAG TopClad® UHS is a premium solution whenever high scratch resistance is required.


AMAG TopClad® ML

The characteristics of multilayer material compounds can be modified in a wide range of properties including strength, formability and corrosion resistance. Functional interlayers for improving the forming behaviour, the corrosion rotection or the diffusion resistance form a material package which meets customer specific needs.

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