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Skin applications place high demands on material properties and surface quality . AMAG is a qualified supplier of ultra thin aluminum sheets of the alloys 2024 and 7475 for GLARE® skin panels for the A380 . This requires the ability to http://dict.leo.org/ende/index_de.html#/search=be&searchLoc=0&resultOrder=basic&multiwordShowSingle=onbe proficient in the demanding single-side-clad technology, which is used among others in bright and brazed products.


Main alloy: ALCLAD 2024

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AMAG provides aluminium sheet for the Glare® composite used in the wide-body Airbus A380 aircraft. Glare® is a multi-layer composite made of 2024 alloy aluminium sheets and glass fiber laminate (glass-fiber- reinforced plastic), which are bonded under pressure. The aluminium sheets may be clad (to prevent corrosion) or unclad. This sandwich material, which is more lightweight and has better burnthrough and lightning-strike behavior, is used on large surfaces of parts of the top skin of the A380. However, the vital advantage of GLARE® is its crack propagation rate, which is only a tenth to a hundredth of that of monolithic aluminium.


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