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Practical Training

AMAG is one of the leading Austrian Companies for aluminum alloys and aluminum semis. Due to the lightweight constructions and new fields of application, light metal will achieve a significant and continually growth in the next decades and even longer. AMAG also profits from this growth and invests into further capacities in the rolling mill and cast house.


Due to continuously changing applications, also the processes and their parameter change. Therefore, AMAG invests into technology and the understanding and awareness of the process chain. As a result, there are new challenging and goal-oriented tasks to accomplish. For this job, we search motivated and committed students, who work on subjects as trainees under the supervision of an expert or in the context of their bachelor, master or diploma studies.  


The work can be carried out in the following areas :

  • Material input control and melting technology

  • Technology for foundry cast or wrought alloys in the range of alloys and process development

  • Rolling mill technology in the field of alloy and process development and logistics

  • Energy management and holistic view of the processes

  • Chemical analysis and metallurgy / metal analysis

For this traineeship, a started technical studies obligatory. The more advanced the studies are, the more complex and responsible are the tasks. For this reason, those traineeships claim more time. 

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