AMAG Titanal®

AMAG repeatedly enlivens the market with innovations, especially in the segments formed by high-strength materials with outstanding mechanical characteristics. The company's absolute lead product is AMAG Titanal®, which has tensile strength up to 700 N / mm2.

On the basis of extensive experience gained in the sports and leisure industry, material characteristics such as formability, anodising and bonding capacity, as well as weldability, are constantly adapted to ideally match the demands of the end product. For example, the use of aluminium in skiing production already has a long tradition. Initial test with high-strength alloys in the early 1960s were followed by the first highlight with successes at the 1964 Winter Olympics in Innsbruck. Subsequently, strength and applications were optimised in the course of developement work and around twenty years ago one of the world's highest strength alloy was created in the shape of AMAG Titanal®. Since then this "precious" metal has been used with great success as a supporting element in high-quality composite skis. The materials's isotropic characteristics and an elongation limit of > 600 MPa with thicknesses of 0.50 - 1.20 mm are used to enhance torsion resistance, edge grip and smooth running. On the other hand, the deformation tendency is markedly reduced. Bonding in composites, e.g. with epoxy resin adhesives is achieved by means of an adaptive version of AMAG Titanal® with a thin, open-pore phosphoric acid anodised layer. Using the platform provided by this experience, in co-operation with its customers, AMAG continually develops new and specially adapted alloys for sports applications such as pressbent parts for skis, touring skis and snowboard bindings, or as materials for the production of skiing, cross-country skiing and Nordic walking sticks.